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Transfer-Registration-Plate-1 /106/2/, Disposable-Plexiglas-Plate short /104p/, Plexiglas-Plate Fixing screw /104a/, Plexiglas-Plate Fixing washer /104b/

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Transfer-Registration-Plate-1 No.106/2, Disposable-Plexiglas-Plate short No.104p, Plexiglas-Plate Fixing screw No.104a, Plexiglas-Plate Fixing washer No.104b.

For supporting the Gerber Facebow-DED® in registration of the sagittal condylar path and for registration using the Gothic arch tracing, in various configurations of the dentition (implant cases) -lower arch-, and by resting the plate on wax block in extensive free-ends cases.

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