GERBER Courses

Nowadays’ dentistry requires a holistic approach to the patient and a comprehensive treatment, Gerber Condylator GmbH, acting in accordance with the of Prof. A. Gerber’s assumptions, offers training that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of a patient.

· Functional-aesthetic diagnostics according to the Gerber® Method
· Rehabilitation using the Gerber® Method
· Lingual occlusion (complete and hybrid restorations)

Gerber Condylator GmbH offers international courses for individual participants at the company’s headquarters or in the reference Training Center.
Number of participants:
All courses offered by Gerber Condylator GmbH are practical courses and therefore the number of participants is limited to 10 people.

Each course takes 4 full days (32 hours). After submitting the appropriate number of participants for a given course, Gerber Condylator GmbH will decide on the date of the course with the potential participants. Note: Until the end of September 2021 all courses are fully booked.

The courses offered by Gerber Condylator GmbH are conducted in English.

After the course, each participant will receive a Gerber Condylator GmbH course certificate, specifying the subject and number of hours. Not all Gerber Condylator GmbH courses are covered by the obligatory educational points program.

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Gerber Courses

Tradition of Swiss Alpine Gerber Courses in St.Moritz since 1965