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The one and only original.
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No. 01 - Gerber Condylator SimplexCondylator Simplex Condylator Simplex

Articulator with condyles protrusive path fixed at 28° to the occlusal plane. Changeable opening of the joint-space (Vario device) from 0,0 to 1,2 mm.

No. 02 - Gerber Condylator IndividualCondylator Individual Condylator Individual

Articulator with adjustable (0° to 60°) condylar protrusive path.

No. 03 - Gerber Condylator VarioCondylator Vario Condylator Vario

Articulator with adjustable (0° to 60°) condylar protrusive path and changeable opening of the joint-space (Vario device) from 0,0 to 1,2 mm.

Condylator AccessoriesAccessoires Condylator

No. 24-Prot - Condylator locks with protrusion-positioning Loquets Condylator positionnables Kondyliatorschlösser mit Vorsprungspositionierung

Condylator Locks with protrusion positioning (R & L). Multipurpose locks hold mechanical condylesnin Condylator in protrusion position.

L & R piecesL & R pieces L & R Stucke

No. 8b - Flat incisal table for individual adaptationTable incisive plate pour adaptation individuelle Flacher Inzisaltisch zur individuellen Anpassung

Flat incisal table for individual adaptation (wax-up technique) with modelling tip (No. 10b) for vertical pin (No. 03/12) (only available for Model 6).

1 piece1 pièce 1 Stück

No. 174 - Mounting tableTable de montage Montagetisch

Mounting table to help setting the teeth or waxing-up the teeth according to the Camper plane with the screw for mounting table (No. 174A) and supportive column short or long (No. 174B).

1 SetSet Set

Model Mounting Nuts

No. 502 - Mounting Nuts –Brass Écrous de montage en laiton Befestigungsmuttern - Messing

20 pieces20 pièces 20 Stücke

No. 502P - Mounting Nuts –Plastic disposable Écrous de montage en plastique jetable Befestigungsmuttern - Einwegartikel aus Kunststoff

100 pieces100 pieces 100 Stücke

No. 504 - Magnetic Model re-mounting system Système de repositionnement pour modèle magnétique Magnetisches Modell-Montagesystem

Magnetic model re-mounting system with magnetic mounting screws and metaln round plates.

1 SetSet Set


No. 001 - Facebow AArc facial A Gesichtsbogen A

Facebow with stand in styrofoam-case.

Facebow, stand, styrofoam-caseArc facial, boîte en polystyrène Stative, Styroporboxe

No. 002 - Facebow BArc facial B Gesichtsbogen B

Facebow with Stand in Styrofoam-case, including Set 100, Set 105, one Transfer Plate (No. 106/2) and Registration cards (No. 41).

Facebow, Stand, Styrofoam-case, Set 100, Set 105, Transfer-plate 106/2, Registration cardsArc facial, boîte en polystyrène Stative Styroporboxe, Set: 100, 105, Übertragungsplatte 106/2, Registrierkarten

No. 003 - Facebow CArc facial C Gesichtsbogen C

Facebow with Stand in Styrofoam-case, including Set 100, Set 105, Set 106, Set 110 and Registration cards (No. 41).

Facebow, Stand, Styrofoam-case, Set 100, Set 105, Set 106, Set 110, Registration cards Stative, Styroporboxe, Set: 100, 105, 106, 110, Registrierkarten

Gerber Dynamic Facebow Accessories

No. 170 - Pro-COR SystemSystème Pro-COR Pro-COR-System

The set of Nasion pointer with clip for Facebow -5 parts (No. 171), Vertical positioning indicator (No. 172) and set of stand-screws -3 pieces with adapter for stand-screws (No. 173, No. 173A, No. 173B) is to register the exact position of Camper plane with Gerber Facebow.

1 SetSet Set

No. 167 - Pointers for facebowPointeurs pour arc facial Zeiger für Gesichtsbogen

2 pieces2 pièces 2 Stücke


No. 100 - Set-100Set-100 Set-100

Upper plate with stylus –small (No. 101), Upper plate with stylus –large (No. 102) and Lower registration plate (No. 103) with Plexiglas slide-plate (No. 104) for Gothic-arch tracing.

1 Set1 Set 1 Set

No. 105 - Set-105Set-105 Set-105

Upper supporting stylus plate (No. 105/0) with 2 styluses, 4 Lower registration plates (No. 105/1, 2, 3, 4) with 4 Plexiglas perforated discs for Gothic-arch tracing.

1 Set1 Set 1 Set

No. 106 - Set-106Set-106 Set-106

Transfer plates in 4 different sizes (No. 106/1, 2, 3, 4) are for registration with Gerber Dynamic Facebow. Screwed-on Plexiglas plates (No. 104/105) with Screw and Washer for Plexiglas plate (No. 104a, 104b) are to fix the condyles’ central relation on traced Gothic arch. Flat screwdriver (No. 51) can be used for triple-purpose (1. for setting the Plexiglas plate, 2. for marking the Camper-plane, 3. for setting the tip of the vertical pin on the Condylator).

1 Set1 Set 1 Set

No. 110 - Set-110Set-110 Set-110

Set of Registration plates –small (No. 115), Registration plates –large (No. 125), Registration styluses with sleeves (No. 113/112, 123/122), Plexiglas perforated discs (No. 111), Clasps for individual plates (No. 107/108), Dermo-crayon –blue (No. 43) includes material for the construction of 10 upper and 10 lower individual registration plates.

1 Set1 Set 1 Set

No. 130 - SM-Set 130SM-Set 130 SM-Set 130

Upper registration plate (No. 131) with Registration stylus (No. 123) and Lower registration plate (No. 132) are designed to be used both for the dentate and partially dentate patients.

1 Set1 Set 1 Set