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CH-8038 Zürich
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SINCE 1950






Condyles protrusive path fixed at
28° to the occlusal plane. Changeable opening of the joint-space (Vario device) from 0,0 to 1,2 mm.


Multi-purpose articulator with adjustable (
to 60°) condylar protrusive path.


Ultimate Gerber Model-6-Condylator-articulator with adjustable (to 60°) condylar protrusive path and changeable opening of the joint-space (Vario device) from 0,0 to 1,2 mm.




Condylator Spare Parts Mod. 4, 5, 6

1 Upper (mounting) plate
2 Lower (mounting) plate
3 Vernier R (right)
4 Side plate R (right)
5 Mounting nut No. 503
6 Wing screw (for casts)
7 Adjusting nut of incisal guide
8 Incisal guide
9 Axle
10 Tip of vertical pin
11 Incisal pointer
12 Vertical pin
13 Axle bonnet
14 Locknut of vertical pin (thumbnut)
15 Lock screw
16 Condylar element
17 Spring screw
18 Tension spring
19 Spring stud
20 stud screw
21 Compression spring
22 Compression washer
23 Set screw
24 Lock R (right)
25 Stop ring
26 Thread screw
30 Rubber ring
31 Snap ring
36 Setnut











All Condylators are delivered with a 15° incisal table. Special incisal tables are available with 40°, 20°, 10° and incline.
No. 8 b, flat incisal table for individual adaptation (wax-up technique) with modelling-tip N° 10.b for vertical pin (12). Only available for Model 6.








No. 501
Mounting plates for use with magnetic tables.
No. 502
Brass mounting nuts in packs of 20 and 100.
No. 502 P
Plastic disposable mounting nuts in packs of 100.

No. 504a, b, c
Magnetic model re-mounting system for the Condylator















Registration card (double-faced)

Mounting of the casts on the Condylator in their correct relation to the TMJs by means of the face-bow on its stand.




Kit A: Face-bow with stand in Styrofoam-case, brochure and registration cards.
Kit B: Face-bow with stand in Styrofoam-case, including Sets 100, 105, one transfer plate 106/2, brochure and registration cards.
Kit C: Face-bow with stand in Styrofoam-case, including Sets 100, 105, 106 and 110 with brochure and registration cards.





Gerber Dynamic Face-bow Spare Parts  
151 Stand
152 Stand adjusting screw
153 Coupling
154 Transfert plate set screw
155 Wing screw
156 Rubber ring
160 Bow
161 Set screw for 162
162 Long telescopic arm
163 Set screw for 164
164 Short telescopic arm (right)
165 Set screw for point holder
166 Writing point holder








The upper & lower plates are designed to be used both for the dentate & partially dentate patient. This eliminates the time consuming manufacturing of individual plates or bite blocks for the registration.

SM-Set 130 includes:

  • 1 upper registration plate No. 131 stainless steel, with a vertically adjustable registration pin No. 123
  • 1 lower registration plate No. 132 stainless steel, on which the tracing is made








SET No 100


Set of plates with central stylus and lower registration plates for Gothic-arch tracing in full denture prosthesis. 

Set No 100: includes one large plate N° 102 and one small plate N° 101 with stylus, one registration plate N° 103, and plexiglas slide-plate.
Set No 100









SET No 105


Set of instruments for intraoral registration in cases with natural or artificial dentition. Can be used for aftercare controls of the occlusion in full dentures. 


Set No 105: includes: 1 supporting stylus-plate with 2 stylus,  4 registration plates numbered on both surfaces, 4 plexiglass perforated discs.

Set No 105






SET No 106


The transfer-plates from set N° 106 are used for the extraoral registration with the Gerber-Dynamic-Face-bow.

They can be used for the intra-oral registration in endentulous cases, mounted on wax-bite-blocks.

Set No 106: includes 4 different sized transfer-plates with screwed-on plexiglass plates to fix the condyles' central position on traced Gothic arch; triple-purpose screwdriver (1. for setting the plexiglass plate, 2. for marking the Camper-plane on the patient's cheek, 3. for setting the tip of the vertical pin on the Condylator); and plastic stand for the plates.

Set No 106










SET No 110


Instruments to be used for the construction of individual registration plates in natural dentate cases.

Set No 110: includes the material for 10 upper and 10 lower  individual registration plates with crayon and sticky wax. All these parts are re-usable.

Set No 110







Additionnal accessories for the Gerber System


  • Multipurpous lock developed to firmly hold any position of the mechanical condyles used for manibular repositioning, to eliminate premature contacts and in ceramic modelling.

















  • Mounting table to help setting the upper teeth according to the occlusal plane. 








  • Vertical pin with additional hole to place incisal pointer to stabilize "0" vertical dimension (for Model 6).
dsc02134.jpg dsc02136.jpg






  • Pro-Cor device to save time chair-side adjusting wax-registration blocks for the edentulous patient to the correct height and alignment to the Camper plane.