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CH-8038 Zürich
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SINCE 1950

Condyloform Posterior Teeth

® Posterior Teeth

Invented by Prof.Dr. Albert Gerber


Functional Condyloform® posterior teeth were developed by Prof. Dr. Albert Gerber in the late 50-ties of the last century. The idea was to increase stability in denture restorations by placing the palatal cusps of the upper teeth into the deepest part of the fossae on the lower teeth.



Basic principle of occlusion

The form of the Condyloform® teeth establishes a mortar and pestle effect during mastication which allows smooth gliding tooth contact in any direction from centric occlusion and back.



Set-up of Condyloform® diatorics

Normal occlusion: the set-up of the teeth builds a clear relationship between the palatal cusps of the upper teeth and the occlusal cavities of the lower teeth. The perpendicular dotted lines show how the teeth are related to te crest of the alveolar ridge. 

Cross bite occlusion: the teeth are arranged so that the buccal palatal cusps of the upper teeth engage the occlusal cavities of the lower teeth.

The best result is guaranteed using a Gerber Condylator® together with matching Gerber Condyloform® teeth.

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Normal occlusion

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