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Bellariastrasse 48
CH-8038 Zürich
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SINCE 1950

List of persons with Authorization



Authorization of treatment in Gerber-Method for Dental Surgeons, practicing in Poland.

Dr. Anna M. Dubojska Authorization No. 48.76.2025.CH
Joanna Poznańska-Woźny Authorization No. 48.76.2042.2016.PL
Maja Rakowska Authorization No. 48.76.2043.2016.PL
Hanna Winiarz-Prüffer Authorization No. 48.76.2046.2016.PL
Stanisław Pabis Authorization No. 48.76.2047.2016.PL
Iwona Wojtowicz Authorization No. 48.76.2048.2016.PL
Maria Sidorowicz Authorization No. 48.76.2051.2016.PL
Krystyna Wronska Authorization No. 48.76.2052.2016.PL


Authorization of work in Gerber-Method for Dental Technicians.

mgr Malgorzata Owoc Authorization No. 48.76.2030.CH
Paulina Owoc Authorization No. 48.76.2041.CH
Alicja Białas Authorization No. 48.76.2044.2016.PL
Aleksandra Śniady Authorization No. 48.76.2045.2016.PL
Grzegorz Pobiedziński Authorization No. 48.76.2049.2016.PL
Alicja Szczepanik Authorization No. 48.76.2050.2016.PL