Dr. Anna M. Dubojska



Ostrow Wielkopolski


Ostrow Wielkopolski

Persons with Authorization


for Dental Surgeons, practicing in Poland.
  • Dr. Anna M. Dubojska Authorization No. 48.76.2025.CH
  • Joanna Poznańska-Woźny Authorization No. 48.76.2042.2016.PL
  • Maja Rakowska Authorization No. 48.76.2043.2016.PL
  • Hanna Winiarz-Prüffer Authorization No. 48.76.2046.2016.PL
  • Stanisław Pabis Authorization No. 48.76.2047.2016.PL
  • Iwona Wojtowicz Authorization No. 48.76.2048.2016.PL
  • Maria Sidorowicz Authorization No. 48.76.2051.2016.PL
  • Krystyna Wronska Authorization No. 48.76.2052.2016.PL
  • Dominik Chodyra Autorization No. 48.76.2042.CH
  • Sebastian Derdowski Autorization No. 48.76.2053.2018.PL
  • Malgorzata Majewska-Dziadosz Autorization No. 48.76.2054.2018.PL
  • Edyta Lach-Brzozowska Autorization No. 48.76.2055.2018.PL


for Dental Technicians, practicing in Poland.
  • Mgr Malgorzata Owoc Authorization No. 48.76.2030.CH
  • Paulina Owoc Authorization No. 48.76.2041.CH
  • Alicja Białas Authorization No. 48.76.2044.2016.PL
  • Aleksandra Śniady Authorization No. 48.76.2045.2016.PL
  • Grzegorz Pobiedziński Authorization No. 48.76.2049.2016.PL
  • Alicja Szczepanik Authorization No. 48.76.2050.2016.PL
  • Marcin Jarosiewicz Autorization No. 48.76.2056.2018.PL

Conditions for Authorization

Conditions for authorization of treatment (work) based on Gerber-Method in Poland: Authorization of treatment in Gerber-Method for Dental Surgeons, Authorization of work in Gerber-Method for Dental Technicians.
  1. Participation in a complete training cycle: “Gerber Method – in an holistic approach to treatment of stomatognatic system”, organized by the authorized courses centre “Gerber-Method” at the Manufaktura Dentystyczna company, Poland.
  2. Active participation at the conference: “Gerber-Philosophy - in practitioners’ eyes”.
  3. Consultation of 5 clinical cases with course instructors after completing training cycles (cases with success as well as those with problems).
  4. To prove that candidates for such authorization are working according to the original “Gerber-Method”, using original Gerber-equipment.
  5. Persons appointing the Authorization Awards in Poland are: Peter Gerber, Max Bosshart, Dr Anna Dubojska, Malgorzata Owoc.
  6. Candidates achieving the authorization will be ascribed a number containing year of authorization-achievement and will be placed on the:
  7. The Authorization Number will be selected by Manufaktura Dentystyczna, under supervision of Gerber-Condylator company, Switzerland.
  8. Yearly cost of authorization, achieved only after completing all requirements, to be paid in Poland to Manufaktura Dentystyczna, equivalent to sum of 200,- EUR.
  9. Conditions for prolonging the authorization are an active participation in the following annual conference “Gerber-Philosophy - in practitioners’ eyes” and the yearly payment.
  10. The authorization is an obligation for dental surgeons and dental technicians only to use the name and to treat (work) according to “Gerber-Method” within his practice. However this does not qualify them to teach or use the name for commercial purposes, as “Gerber” is a protected trademark.
  11. Planned publications referring to the “Gerber-Method or Philosophy” should obtain an acceptance from the Scientific Committee of Gerber-Condylator company through “Manufaktura Dentystyczna”.
  12. This authorization in the “Gerber-Method” is intended mainly to protect dentists and dental technicians, who have invested time and effort to learn and to follow the true Gerber-knowledge in providing high quality work on their patients.